Project Approach

A project approach is elementary at Viscon. Directly after the order award, the existing customer contact is being extended with a project team on both sides. To ensure both parties, that each party lives up to the expectations, Viscon insists on a clear, agreed upon communication structure and clear recorded requirements in the form of a detailed functional specification. This creates the opportunity to measure the progress in the project as well.

The initial contact with a client will take place with a sales engineer. This person will remain responsible for the project throughout the entire process and will be the point of contact for the client. This will ensure made agreements will remain clear.

On a more detailed level, an experienced project manager will join the team. This project manager will take care of the timely engineering of all (parts of ) processes and guard the vast high quality which is the standard at Viscon.

We can provide you with many references where our reliable solutions are operating. Our sales engineers can arrange an appointment at your request.