Egg transferring

From the 18th day of the incubation process, eggs are transferred from the setter tray to the hatcher basket. The essence of this procedure is to avoid eggs cooling down or being damaged, which have a negative influence on hatchability. Therefore the transfer process needs to be both quick and gentle. With the current increase of daily production volumes, labour costs and bio-security risks, reliable automation is essential to do this efficient and safe.

Product range for egg transferring:

  • Egg grading
  • Live Embryo Detection / Traditional egg candling
  • In ovo vaccination – Vinovo Select Inject™
  • Egg transferring from setter trays to hatcher baskets
  • Stacking and loading of hatcher baskets and dollies
  • Automatic storage for setter trays and trolleys
  • Internal transportation
  • Waste discharge
  • Cleaning trays and trolleys

We design the entire layout to create an efficient and hygienic workflow.

Management Data

Live Embryo Detection™:
Accurate prediction of hatchability for each flock.
Collected information: percentage of eggs with
– living embryos
– infertile eggs
– eggs with early and late dead embryos

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