Egg handling

Every hatchery aims to fully utilize the hatching potential of the eggs that enter its facility. This can only be achieved when the incoming eggs are held under optimum conditions till the moment they are placed in the incubator. These optimum conditions are created by a proper hygiene level, good storage conditions and delicate handling in the egg room.

From the start we design the entire egg room to create an efficient and hygienic workflow. Based on the daily volume, we provide grading and labour saving machinery to quickly, efficiently and carefully process the eggs according to your specific needs. Our high quality washing machines ensure that trays and trolleys are optimally clean, before returning to the breeder farms.

Product range for egg handling:

  • Egg grading
  • Egg transferring from farm to setter trays
  • Tray transferring from farm to setter trolley
  • (Un)loading of trolleys
  • Internal transportation
  • Waste discharge
  • Cleaning of trays and trolleys

Management Data

Flock data, storage and setting conditions.