Control software

Providing optimal control

Viscon Logistics Control (VLC) provides all the required functionality to manage your product handling processes. All your punnets, boxes, and pallets can be traced and managed in the system. VLC collects, manages, and stores data coming from the material handling processes for:

Tracking & tracing purposes; each product can be traced back to the production location, to identify and eliminate possible hazards.
Fault finding purposes; VLC provides fault finding data to further control, optimize, and manage your production processes.
Labor registration purposes; labor registration to provide you with management tools to further improve the quality in your process.

Viscon software can support your logistics from A to Z as a standalone package, and can also seamlessly integrate your logistics into your ERP system. The development and maintenance of Viscon Logistics Control system is done by Viscon’s own team of dedicated professionals. An added benefit of using our team is that the system can be customized to the customer’s future plans and wishes. It satisfies the user that both the mechanics and software can be designed and integrated by one supplier. This combined ownership decreases integration risks and ensures your company a seamless working system customized to your needs. Moreover, it shortens the total implementation time and costs of the overall project.

This software also provides tracking and tracing data and applications to enhance Food Safety worldwide.