Cleaning & Storage

Each production cycle the product carriers (eg. setter trays, hatcher baskets, etc.) need to be cleaned, dried and stored to be re-used again the following production day. To prevent cross contamination the cleaning and drying results needs to be optimal, but also the products flow should be hygienic. Energy and water usage are a substantial cost factor in the daily operation of a hatchery in which an efficient cleaning solution can make a difference.

Our hatchery design avoids physical crossing of dirty and clean products by separating pre-soak, washing and clean storage areas. This reduces the risk of cross contamination. High quality industrial washing machines are available in various models with capacities ranging from 200 to 3.000 products per hour. Efficient heat exchangers and an optimal water re-circulation system gives the best washing result against the lowest usage of energy and water. We apply product specific air re-circulation dryers with water recuperation, which efficiently dries the products and reduces water usage.

Product range for cleaning and storage:

  • Pre-soaking
  • Cleaning & drying of all hatchery products
  • Stacking and de-stacking
  • Automatic storage and supply

The cleaning and drying results needs to be optimal, but also the product flow should be hygienic